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Debasis Bhattacharya, Vice President, Ajax Engineering, shares his views with Sandeep Sharma about the buyer’s response to the products showcased by AJAX Engineering during the recently concluded Intermat India 2022 event in Mumbai. Apart from this, he shares insights about how AJAX is in the forefront of addressing the practicability needs and operability requirements of the customers. Edited Excerpts:

Can you share with us details about the products launched or showcased during the Intermat India event?

Self-Propelled boom pump (SPBP) was one of our key offerings during the Intermat India 2022 event. Keeping pace with the changing requirements of customers, AJAX developed a first-of-its-kind Self Propelled Boom Pump – a complete solution that is built on AJAX’s own chassis with 4×4 transmission, three-way steering, a lightweight compact design, and a fuel-efficient engine. The 15m Boom Pump mounted on this chassis has a revolutionary design to utilize the full boom length to reach unreachable spaces in less accessible areas and deliver concrete effectively. The smaller tight turning radius of 4 m is the major differentiator between the conventional boom pumps as it enables better manoeuvrability at confined site conditions.

How was the buyers’ response to your products & solutions during the event?

The response for SPBP was overwhelming and understood that the shortage of manpower and need for a quicker placement of concrete in inaccessible areas has necessitated the use of SPBP in the current construction processes. It is also preferred in large infrastructure, residential buildings, and structures because of their capability of pumping high volume of concrete at less time and saving substantial labour with their multipurpose robotic arm. With its best-in-class fuel efficiency, the lower total cost of ownership, higher productivity offers the best return of investment to the customers.

Based on your interaction with the potential customers, do you see demand building up exponentially in the near to medium-term for your offerings?
The rental market is expected to Grow & sustain for long-term considering the Initial investment and other parameters. Buy back / Exchange is a process which we are keenly considering addressing the challenge.

Could you tell us about the initiatives taken by your organization on the technological front?

AJAX engineering research team develop prototypes and comes out with new product solutions with built-in features for addressing functional constraints as well as the practicability needs and operability requirements of the customers at real-time operational site conditions. When faced with an uncertain circumstance, Ajax, with its strong cross-functional team and highly capable multi-skilled R&D team, develops a dynamic plan, seek support of experts within as well as external consultants, and OEM partners for assistance and manage the issue accordingly.

The following are a few innovative solutions offered by AJAX

Introduction of load cell technology: There is a need for homogeneous concrete as an output in SLCM for concreting needs. We at AJAX developed a patented load cell technology which ensures homogeneous concrete as the right quantity of aggregates are weighed by the system, resulting in a better saving of cement. The load cell weighing system developed by AJAX complies with IS 4925: 2004 standards.

Introduction of the 30-meter boom pump on the 4/2 Chassis: The 30-meter boom pump is the first of its kind in the Indian market suitable for 4/2 chassis with a wheelbase of more than 4500 mm equipped with a rigid and rugged structure with integrated legs and a monoaxle trailer with tow bar and leaf spring suspension. The only manufacturer to offer a 25-meter boom and a 30-meter boom on the 4/2 Chassis, which ensures an initial low investment for customers, and the smaller wheelbase allows manoeuvrability in narrow spaces and allows for tight turning radius.

Batching plant: Design & development of CRB series, modular version batching plants against the market needs of pre-assembled, wired & tested plants from factories, which was a major gap in the design of plants which were available earlier in the market.

About AJAX Engineering
AJAX was established in the year 1992 for manufacturing Self-Loading Concrete Mixer and today is the Global Leader in this product. AJAX has now emerged as next-gen 360° concreting solutions provider that offers a complete range of products that includes self-loading concrete mixers, concrete batching plants, transit mixers, stationary pumps, boom pumps, self-propelled boom pumps, and slip-form paver offering end-to-end solutions that encompasses production, transport, placement, and pavement. The company is headquartered at Bangalore and has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Doddaballapur and Gowribidanur in the outskirts of Bangalore. Click here

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