Consultants sought by BUIDCO

The Government of Bihar, India through the Urban Development and Housing Department (UD&HD) (hereinafter called “Client”) has signed a loan agreement for financing from the Asian Development Bank (the “Bank”) in the form of a “loan” toward the cost of Bihar Urban Development Investment Program (BUDIP). The Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development
Corporation Ltd (BUIDCo), an implementing agency of the Client, intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this loan to eligible payments under the contract Part of the project loan proceeds will be used for eligible payments under the consultancy service contract named above.

The consulting firm would support the improvement of the Urban Governance, Municipal Finance and Service Delivery Improvements Action Plan. ULBs shall be equipped and empowered by building capacities in the areas of human resource development, infrastructure improvement, and procedures and systems to effectively deliver basic services to the citizens of the project areas. Support will be required for: (i) Improving urban governance and accelerating resource mobilization; (ii) Implementing utility reforms for sustainable and accountable WSS service delivery, including: a) reforms required to improve the performance of the utilities; and b) reforms required to introduce fair and accountable regulation; (iii) Implementing municipal finance reforms as agreed; and (iv) Providing training to GMC/BMC employees and elected representatives on all aspects of institutional development and capacity building.
The BUIDCo, on behalf of the client, will be the executing agency (EA) for the BUDIP. BUDIP will be assisted by Institutional Development and Capacity Building Consultants (ID&CBC) in implementation of the program with 348 National person-months input for key experts (228) and non key-experts (120). ID&CBC will have central office at Patna and the field offices at Investment Program ULBs viz. Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Gaya Municipal Corporation (GMC). The consultant will be responsible for Institutional Development and Capacity Building Programs for the contract duration.

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