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Welcome to the 1st June 2024 edition of ProjectX India, where we bring you power-packed information on 272 projects, contracts, and tenders from 66 sectors and sub-sectors of the Indian economy. This edition is designed to be an indispensable resource for professionals across various industries.

What’s Inside This Edition?

In this issue, we have meticulously covered:

  • 78 projects in the Conceptual/Planning Stage
  • 32 Contract Awards
  • 19 Projects Under Implementation
  • 140 Tenders
  • 3 Other Projects

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Who Should Read This?

Whether you’re involved in Construction, Infrastructure, or Industrial segments, this e-publication is a must-read for your business. Our comprehensive coverage is tailored to provide you with accurate and timely information on upcoming and ongoing projects, contracts, and tenders. At ProjectX, our mission is to help you seize the abundant opportunities in the Indian market.

About ProjectX India

ProjectX India is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the Indian economy or seeking detailed information on specific projects. As a fortnightly e-publication available in PDF format, each issue of PROJECTX INDIA covers more than 100+ projects from across India. Our data is tracked from 40-45 sectors of the economy, ensuring you receive a wide array of information.

In addition to project details, we also provide contact information, making it easier for you to connect with key stakeholders. The publication is released on the 1st and 15th of every month, catering to a diverse reader base that includes:

  • Investors
  • Project developers
  • Government agencies
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Material Vendors
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Financial institutions

Join our community of professionals who rely on ProjectX India to stay informed and connected with the latest developments in the Indian economy.

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