Download Issue Preview - ProjectX India 15th May 2024

Access 260 new projects, contracts, and tenders in India

We are excited to announce the release of our latest e-book edition, packed with essential information for professionals across Construction, Infrastructure, and Industrial segments.
Edition Date: 15th May 2024

260 projects, contracts, and tenders from 69 sectors and sub-sectors
74 projects in Conceptual/Planning Stage
34 Contract Awards
28 Projects Under Implementation
116 Tenders
6 additional projects

Whether you’re looking to stay ahead with upcoming projects or seeking new business opportunities, our comprehensive coverage ensures you have the accurate and timely information you need to succeed.

Preview the issue: ProjectX India – 15th May 2024

At ProjectX India, we are committed to helping you seize the opportunities in the dynamic Indian market. Don’t miss out on this must-read resource for your business!

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