ProjectX India | 15th May 2024 edition - Access new projects in India

Access 260 new projects, contracts, and tenders in India

ProjectX India | 15th May 2024 edition provides you with power-packed information on 260 projects, contracts and tenders from 69 sectors and sub-sectors of the Indian economy. In this issue we have covered 74 projects in Conceptual/Planning Stage, 34 Contract Awards, 28 Project Under Implementation, 116 Tenders, and 6 other projects. Click here to get this copy from our web store

Whether you’re in the Construction, Infrastructure, or Industrial segments, this e-book is a must-read for your business. Our goal is to provide you with accurate and timely information on upcoming and ongoing projects, contracts, and tenders to help you succeed. At ProjectX, we are dedicated to helping you seize the opportunities in the Indian market.

New Projects in India: Comprehensive Overview from ProjectX India Edition – 15th May 2024

The 15th May 2024 edition of ProjectX India highlights several key developments and contract awards in the Indian infrastructure and industrial sectors. This edition features a diverse array of projects, spanning water treatment, solar energy, residential and commercial construction, industrial expansion, and more. Here’s a detailed look at the some of the major projects and updates from this issue.

Key Projects in India

1. Advanced Factory Automation Systems Unit in Talegaon
Discover the latest advancements in factory automation with a new unit in Talegaon, set to revolutionize manufacturing efficiency.

2. Maiva Pharma Raises ₹1,000 Crore for New Manufacturing Unit in Tamil Nadu
Maiva Pharma’s substantial investment in Tamil Nadu aims to boost pharmaceutical production and job creation.

3. NBCC Secures Rs 150 Crore Contract for Amrapali Cosmos Project in Kerala
NBCC wins a significant contract to develop the Amrapali Cosmos Project, enhancing urban infrastructure in Kerala.

4. On Grid – Roof Top Solar Power Plant at Gorakhpur
Gorakhpur goes green with a new on-grid rooftop solar power plant, contributing to sustainable energy solutions.

5. Amendment in TOR for Expansion of Rolling Mill at Chiraipani Village
Expansion plans for a rolling mill in Chiraipani village highlight industrial growth and economic development.

6. Annual Maintenance of EOT Cranes at PLW Patiala
Maintenance of EOT cranes at PLW Patiala ensures continued operational efficiency in industrial processes.

7. R&M of CCTV System at Saharanpur
Upgrading the CCTV system in Saharanpur enhances security and monitoring capabilities for local infrastructure.

8. Repair/Replacement of Sewage Pipes in Married Accommodations at CHAFB
Infrastructure improvements in CHAFB with the repair and replacement of sewage pipes for better living conditions.

9. Annual Repairs and Maintenance at Juhu Airport Quarters
Scheduled maintenance at Juhu Airport quarters ensures a safe and comfortable environment for residents.

10. Residential cum Commercial Building at Garchuk
A new residential and commercial project in Garchuk promises modern living spaces and business opportunities.

These are just 10 out of 260 projects covered in our latest issue. These projects highlight the ongoing infrastructure and industrial growth across various sectors in India. From water treatment and renewable energy to residential development and industrial expansion, these initiatives reflect the country’s commitment to sustainable and inclusive development.

The 15th May 2024 edition of ProjectX India provides comprehensive coverage of new projects and contract awards across India. These projects not only showcase the country’s rapid development but also its focus on sustainability and technological advancement. For more detailed information and updates on these projects, stay tuned to ProjectX India.

Click here to get this copy from our web store