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New Projects in India: Comprehensive Overview from ProjectX India Edition – 15th May 2024

The 15th May 2024 edition of ProjectX India highlights several key developments and contract awards in the Indian infrastructure and industrial sectors. This edition features a diverse array of projects, spanning water treatment, solar energy, residential and commercial construction, industrial expansion, and more. Here’s a detailed look at the some of the major projects and updates from this issue.

Key Projects in India

Water Treatment Plant for NIT Meghalaya

Details: A new water treatment plant is being developed at the National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya. This project aims to improve the water quality and supply for the institute.

Procurement of Hydraulic Tyre Killers at Patna Airport

Details: Patna Airport is set to enhance its security measures with the procurement and installation of hydraulic tyre killers.

Laying of Optical Fiber Cable for ATS Network

Details: The project involves the laying of optical fiber cable to enhance the ATS (Air Traffic Services) network, ensuring better communication and operational efficiency.

10 Ton EOT Crane Supply and Installation Bids Due June 13

Details: Bids are invited for the supply and installation of a 10-ton Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) crane, with a submission deadline of June 13.

Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd Commences Operations at Ramsarup Plant

Details: Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd has begun operations at the Ramsarup plant, marking a significant step in its expansion strategy.

1000 Liters per Day Capacity Solar Water Heater at Rajasthan

Details: A new solar water heater with a capacity of 1000 liters per day is being installed in Rajasthan, showcasing a commitment to renewable energy.

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant of 1200 KLD at Angul

Details: This project involves the construction of an industrial waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 1200 KLD in Angul, aimed at improving industrial waste management.

210 KLD Grain-Based Ethanol Plant at Bhilai

Details: A new ethanol plant with a production capacity of 210 KLD is being established at Bhilai, contributing to the ethanol production sector.

NHAI E-Tender: User Fee Collection Agency Required for Boothakudi Fee Plaza

Details: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has issued an e-tender for engaging a user fee collection agency for the Boothakudi fee plaza.

25 KWp Off Grid Solar Power Plant at 15 BOPs

Details: A project to install 25 KWp off-grid solar power plants at 15 Border Out Posts (BOPs) is underway, promoting sustainable energy use in remote areas.

Residential Apartment Project at K R Puram

Details: A new residential apartment project is being developed at K R Puram, providing modern housing solutions in the area.

Technical Consultant for Transmission Scheme for Integration of Bijapur REZ

Details: A technical consultant is sought for the transmission scheme aimed at integrating the Bijapur Renewable Energy Zone (REZ).

Hyderabad Metro Rail Phase-2 Expansion Progresses: DPRs Near Completion

Details: The second phase of the Hyderabad Metro Rail expansion is progressing well, with Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) nearing completion.

Mumbai-Pune Expressway Cable Bridge Delayed, Set for March 2025 Completion

Details: The cable bridge on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway has faced delays, with a new expected completion date set for March 2025.

Kajaria Ceramics to Establish Tiles Adhesive Manufacturing Facility in Gailpur, Rajasthan

Details: Kajaria Ceramics is establishing a new manufacturing facility for tiles adhesive in Gailpur, Rajasthan, expanding its production capabilities.

424 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant at Pirana

Details: A sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 424 MLD is being developed at Pirana, aimed at enhancing sewage management in the region.

Operational Assistance for CPP Boilers 6, 7, and 8 of BPSCL

Details: Operational assistance is being provided for CPP boilers 6, 7, and 8 of Bokaro Power Supply Company Limited (BPSCL).

65 KLD Sewage Treatment Plant at Nehru Shatabdi Nagar

Details: A 65 KLD sewage treatment plant is being constructed at Nehru Shatabdi Nagar to improve local sewage management infrastructure.

Redevelopment of BIT Chawl at Tardeo

Details: The BIT Chawl at Tardeo is undergoing redevelopment, which will provide modern housing facilities and improved living conditions.

80 KLPD Grain-Based Distillery at Sangli

Details: A new distillery with a production capacity of 80 KLPD is being established at Sangli, enhancing the local ethanol production capacity.

These projects highlight the ongoing infrastructure and industrial growth across various sectors in India. From water treatment and renewable energy to residential development and industrial expansion, these initiatives reflect the country’s commitment to sustainable and inclusive development.

The 15th May 2024 edition of ProjectX India provides comprehensive coverage of new projects and contract awards across India. These projects not only showcase the country’s rapid development but also its focus on sustainability and technological advancement. For more detailed information and updates on these projects, stay tuned to ProjectX India.

Click here to get this copy from our web store