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ProjectX India – 15th April 2024 (Downloadable PDF edition)

In this edition of ProjectX India, we spotlight the transformative strides unfolding in India’s energy and infrastructure sectors. These developments underscore our nation’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, paving the way for a greener and more resilient future. Click here to get this copy from our web store

Adani Green Energy’s Khavda Project in Gujarat is a monumental initiative, converting barren land into a sprawling 30 GW renewable energy plant spread across 538 square kilometers. This visionary project, combining solar and wind power, exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to energy generation, ensuring reliability while reducing environmental impact.

Shree Cement’s newly inaugurated plant in Dachepalli, Andhra Pradesh, stands as a testament to sustainable growth in the cement industry. With advanced manufacturing technologies and a focus on emissions control, Shree Cement is leading the charge towards eco-friendly production practices, utilizing alternate fuels and waste heat recovery to minimize environmental footprint.

UltraTech Cement’s recent expansion in Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu highlights their pivotal role in India’s infrastructure development. By surpassing 151.6 million metric tonnes in total capacity, UltraTech Cement demonstrates a steadfast commitment to sustainable growth and value creation for stakeholders, underlining their position as a catalyst for India’s progress.

These advancements reflect broader trends in India’s infrastructure landscape. The Sivok-Rangpo Railway Link promises regional prosperity, while the National Green Hydrogen Mission continues to push boundaries in clean energy innovation.

In this issue of ProjectX India, we present comprehensive insights into 270 projects, contracts, and tenders spanning 53 sectors and sub-sectors of the economy. Whether you operate in construction, infrastructure, or industrial segments, this publication serves as a vital resource to navigate India’s dynamic project landscape.

Explore the narratives of progress and innovation shaping India’s economic trajectory. At ProjectX, we are dedicated to providing timely and actionable intelligence to empower your business endeavors.

Click here to get this copy from our web store