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Are you eager to stay updated on the latest developments and projects shaping India’s economic landscape? Look no further than the ProjectX India‘s September 2023 edition. In this power-packed issue, we bring you comprehensive information on a staggering 258 projects, contracts, and tenders spanning across more than 60 sectors and sub-sectors of the Indian economy. Whether you’re a business enthusiast, investor, or industry professional, this edition is a goldmine of insights.

Diverse Projects, Countless Opportunities

The Project Landscape

Let’s dive right into the project landscape covered in this edition:

  • Conceptual/Planning Stage: We’ve got the inside scoop on 77 projects that are currently in the conceptual and planning stages, ready to transform into reality.
  • Contract Awards: Discover the 22 contracts that have been awarded, indicating significant progress and investment in various sectors.
  • Projects Under Implementation: Get updates on 25 projects that are actively being implemented, driving growth and employment.
  • Tenders: Access information on 134 tenders, providing opportunities for businesses to bid and contribute to India’s development.

Project Highlights

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the intriguing projects featured in this edition:

1. DG Set at Islampur SD Hospital

One of the notable opportunity is the supply of DG set at Islampur SD Hospital, ensuring a reliable power supply for critical healthcare services.

2. Sustainable Sewage Treatment

India’s commitment to sustainability shines through with projects like the sewage treatment plants at Hazira Bottling Plant and Indane Bottling Plant.

3. Green Energy Initiatives

The nation’s push towards clean energy continues with a 126 KWh Grid Interactive Solar Photovoltaic plant in Bhubaneswar and a 200 MW solar project slated for Punjab.

4. Infrastructure Development

The 20km water pipeline alongside the Dwarka Expressway and the 4 lane Elevated Corridor in the Grand Southern Trunk Road showcase India’s dedication to infrastructure development.

5. Healthcare Expansion

Healthcare facilities are expanding with the construction of a 400-bed multi-specialty hospital in Delhi and a 75-bed multi-specialty hospital in Mohammadwadi.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Manufacturing

Beyond infrastructure, India is making strides in technology and manufacturing:

  • Advance Optical Components and Optical Systems manufacturing at Chennai.
  • Automation and control solutions for upcoming biosimilars and plasma proteins manufacturing plants.

Upcoming Ventures

Exciting ventures are on the horizon:

  • AIIMS is set to grace Awantipora.
  • AmpIn Energy plans to set up 2.8 MWp of solar energy in Jamshedpur.

Opportunities Abound

The opportunities are endless, from annual cleaning and inspection work to biennial material handling contracts. For instance, Berger Paints is proposing new units at Panagarh and Odisha, signaling growth in the paint industry.

Safety and Security

Safety remains paramount with projects like the boundary wall for Electric Sub Station No 1 in Sector 33 and comprehensive CCTV surveillance systems.

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

With the wealth of information presented in the ProjectX India 1st September 2023 edition, you can make informed decisions and seize opportunities in India’s dynamic project landscape.

Sector wise project headlines are listed below:

Construction of embankment with slope protection at Calicut Airport
Automation and control solutions for RLS’s upcoming biosimilars and plasma proteins manufacturing plants
Automotive Components
Manufacturing of Two Wheeler Frame Body at Udhamsingh Nagar
Annual Cleaning and Inspection Work of Boiler for the year 2023 to 2024
Annual overhauling of Boiler at GGSSTP Roopnagar
Installation of 500 Kg/hr IBR Agro Waste Solid fuel type Steam Boiler
CCTV System
CCTV surveillance at NTPC VSTPS Township
CCTV Surveillance System at Juhu Helibase
CCTV System at 48 Nos. of ONGC production sites
CCTV system at Primary Health Centre Chinchinim
Computers and CCTV Cameras in Govt College Chhachhrouli
SITC of CCTV system at Aranya Tourism Property
Station Development Works under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme at Rajnandgaon
Up-gradation of Creative Vista make CCTV security system
Environment clearance is sought for proposed expansion of Cement plant at Gondal
Expansion of Integrated Cement Project at Nimbol village
Expansion in existing plant capacity located at GIDC Sachin
Expansion of resins manufacturing capacity at Pipalana village
Synthetic Organic Chemicals Manufacturing Facility at Village Bhimasar
Synthetic Organic Chemicals manufacturing unit at Alwar
Synthetic Organic Chemicals manufacturing unit at GIDC Vapi
Synthetic Organic Chemicals manufacturing unit at Morbi
Synthetic organic chemicals manufacturing unit at Sachin village
Synthetic Organics Chemicals capacity expansion project at Vapi
Coal washery of 5.0 MTPA in Bhengari village
Dipka OC Expansion Project
Boundary wall for 33/11kv Electric Sub Station No 1 in Sector 33
Central Warehouse construction in Sector 28 Yeida
Civil and architectural work at Talcher TPS
Construction of D-Type staff quarters at Sonepur
Construction of Hostel for EMRS Lahaul
Construction of Married Accommodation for BRO Personnel project
Construction of Multi-purpose Sports Complex at Bidanasi
Construction of Reinforced earth wall between Purunakatak and Boudh
Contract for the Construction of 50 KL UG reservoir at Kunustoria area
Court Building at Dharamgarh
Miscellaneous Civil Works for Tubing Storage Yard
Phase-II of Eklabya Model Residential School in Patana Block
Phase-II of Eklabya Model Residential School in Telkoi Block
Construction Chemicals
Berger Paints proposes a new unit at Panagarh
Architectural and Engineering consultancy services at JNV Singrauli
Consultancy for battery maintenance and commissioning facility at Energy block
Consultancy for improving and upgradation to 2 lane of NH730
DPR for providing road connectivity to BOPS of BSF under Gurdaspur
DPR for the development of a megawatt-scale wind power project at Khandong Dyke
Feasibility study for 21 airstrips in the state of Madhya Pradesh
General consultancy services for CAO/C S office and allied field offices
Master Plan for a Rail Based MRT System in Bhubaneswar
Project Management Agency under the West Bengal Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme
Renovation of the existing toilets in terminal building at Jammu airport
Solar power plant at PMG
Technical consultancy for preparing JFR, GAD, DPR, land plan, soil investigation
40 T Rough Terrain Crane for NTPC
E.O.T complete in all respect for NRL-IAVL crude oil import terminal
Refurbishment of 2 Tonne EOT Crane located at Begumpet
Repair of 3 nos. Shore Cranes for IWAI
Single Girder EOT Crane 3 Ton Capacity Qty 1 No.
Supply of 3T Girder EOT Crane to Midhani
DG Set
DG set of proposed MGPS at Islampur SD Hospital
10 KVA Auto Diesel Generator for JBMM Hospital
15KVA DG SET in Office cum Guest House at Amrapara
35 KVA Silent New DG set at Dantan BPHC
500 Kva Capacity DG Set on monthly basis for Ganga Bridge Project
Silent diesel generator set for Shakuntala UPHC
100 KLPD Grain based Distillery project at Vizianagaram
Establishment of 200 KLPD distillery unit based on Sugarcane juice
Manufacturing facility of Solvent & Esters at existing Distillery complex at Khapri
API manufacturing unit at MIDC Tarapur
Dyes and Dyes Intermediates
Dyes and Dyes intermediates manufacturing at Neja village
Effluent Treatment
O&M for Effluent Treatment plants at Lingala GCS
Electric Vehicles
Electric scooter manufacturing unit at Bengaluru
Electrical Works
Additional works including Electrical, HVAC and Audio-Visual etc at AIIMS
Electrical work of Cray room, LLMHD, EHCL lab
Electrical Works at Dhansiri Hostel in IITG Campus
Electrical Works in Vacant flats under TTM-I
Electrical works to provide power to several machine in the department of MME
CAMC for 62 Nos. of Schindler make escalators installed at Airport Express Line
Comprehensive maintenance of OTIS make 16 Passenger Lifts
O&M of equipments and plants, lifts, etc for ESIC
Passenger elevator at SLDC
Passenger lift of 13 persons capacity at FCI Zonal Office
Passenger-cum-Bed/Stretcher type Elevator installed at Paradip Port
Vertical Extension including extension of the Lift for the main building of NTBC
100 KLD Grain Based Ethanol plant at Morbi
100 KLPD grain-based distillery to produce ethanol at village Bhamsara
Ethanol production from Food Grains at Aurangabad
Ethyl alcohol production at Nashik by DK Eco
Greenfield 1×500 KLPD Grain based Ethanol Plant at Navelim village
Greenfield Grain Based Ethanol Plant at Gangad village
EV Charging Infra
47 electric vehicle charging and battery swapping stations in WB
Fuel retailing and EV recharge stations across Gujarat
Expansion of existing Ammonia, Urea plant capacity at Bharuch
Formulation of insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers at Sonipat
Fire Safety Systems
Academic Block A Terrace Rectification works at IIT Hyderabad
Fire Fighting System in Civil Hospital at Hisar
Fire fighting system installed around Taj Mahal under Tajganj project
Fire Fighting Work at Bundi Town
Fire Fighting work at Proposed Boys Hostel Agastyamuni
Fire Fighting work at Proposed Boys Hostel Chamoli
Fire Fighting work at Proposed Boys Hostel Dakpathar
Fire Fighting work at Proposed Boys Hostel Laksar
Fire Fighting work at Proposed Boys Hostel Maldevta
Fire Fighting work at Proposed Boys Hostel Uttarkashi
Fire Fighting work for Commercial cum Residential Project
Fire pump system and fire protection system for AIIMS – Raipur
Home Appliances
TPW Fans manufacturing at Palghar
400-bed multi-specialty hospital in Delhi
75-bed multi-specialty hospital in Mohammadwadi
AIIMS is coming up at Awantipora
Construction of District Hospital at Bassi
Construction of District Hospital at Kuchaman City
Construction of District Hospital at Ratangarh
Construction of Lohia Medical College and Hospital in Supaul
Construction of Satellite Hospital at Sanganer
Multi Utility Center at Saheed Rendo Majhi Medical College
Order to undertake construction of a multi-speciality hospital
Sub District Hospital at Bhadra
Sub District Hospital at Bhim
Sub District Hospital at Chirawa
Sub District Hospital at Dholpur
Sub District Hospital at Jayal
Sub District Hospital at Kishangarh
Sub District Hospital at Mandrayal
Sub District Hospital at Taranagar
Sub District Hospital at Weir
20 HP HVAC Outdoor Units installed at Data Center
HVAC work at Head Offie KSFDC Vazhuthacaud
Project management units for the proposed Kerala Green Hydrogen Mission
Industrial Park
GIDC Bulk Drug Park in Kansagar village
Renewal of IAR Insurance Policy of Gas Turbine Power Station
Renewal of insurance of HVAC Buses of Haryana Roadways
Interior Works
Proposed works of interiors at Purulia branch office
Iron and Steel
DRI based Steel plant at Pali village
Establishment of Integrated Steel Plant at Sivpuri village
Expansion by establishment of DRI Kilns
Expansion of existing steel plant at Ratanpur-Kandra Village
Expansion project to produce MS Billets 3,20,000 TPA at Village Raikheda
Manufacturing of hot-rolled iron and steel products at Khurda
Sponge Iron expansion project at Hathkhoj
IT Park
IT hub in Nadarganj
Multi Product Manufacturing Facility at Tiruchendur
Material Handling
Biennial Material Handling Contract of Darlipali Stores
Material handling equipment Hydra at WIP
Raw material handling system of Ferro Manganese Plant at Balaghat Mine
Metro Rail
Ballastless Track including supply of Buffer Stop for Mumbai Metro Line-6
Development of a Scrap yard at Shastri Park Depot
Half Height Platform Screen Doors For Corridor 3 of Chennai Metro
Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) Commences Soil Testing for MGBS-Falaknuma Metro Rail Link
Roof sheeting of PEB Structures at five stations of Mumbai metro
Signage and Graphics for Stations from Sikandra to Taj East Gate
Mining and Metallurgy
Amanganj Limestone Mine project
Chotia II captive Coal Mine project
Establishment of 1×9 MVA Ferro Alloys plant at Khamhardih
Establishment of 3,600 TPA Low Carbon Ferro Manganese Plant at Chhasara village
Kalay Mineral Block project
Serangdag Bauxite Mine Block project
Vangar & Madhiya Limestone Mine project
Oil and Gas
Development and Production by Drilling of Six New Wells within North Kathana Field
Drilling of six New Wells as well as setting of EPS within Kanawara Field
LNG regasification terminal in Gujarat
Onshore drilling of appraisal cum development Of Oil And Gas wells In Mewad
Onshore Oil & Gas development drilling of 73 Nos drilling wells in Tinsukia
Optical Systems
Advance Optical Components and Optical Systems manufacturing at Chennai
Paints and Coatings
Berger Paints proposes a new unit in Odisha
New paint facility near Hyderabad
Construction of Medical Centre at Nhava
Pesticide and pesticide intermediate manufacturing Units at Dahej
Pesticides & Pesticide Specific Intermediates manufacturing unit at Pakhajan village
Technical Grade Pesticides unit at GIDC Ankleshwar
Pipes and Tubes
ERW Steel Tubes for Air Preheaters of 210 MW capacity boilers of SGTPS
Square & Rectangular Pipes & Tubes manufacturing at Raigarh
Chikni Pumped Storage Project
Construction of 132/33kV Substations for UPPTCL
Expert services on dam and civil structures of the 1,878 MW Oju HEP
Package ARP-DMS-05AB1 contract for balance distribution works in Arunachal Pradesh
Power transformer installation at Pithampur SEZ
Single flue Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) chimneys at Patratu
Supply of 1500 MW Firm and Dispatchable Power from ISTS- Connected RE projects
Transformer Package-TR37 contract
Pumped Storage
Consultancy contract for Pumped Storage project in Bihar
Hasdeo Bango Pumped Storage Hydro Electric Project
Kamalapadu Pumped Storage Hydro Project
Pumps & Valves
Dewatering Pumps at Pakani Water Treatment plant
Provision of Pump and Pipeline at Arty Centre
Construction of station building in connection with Doubling of Katihar-Mukuria BG line
Real Estate
Ascon Era project is coming up at Chinar Park
Atri Rays project is coming up at Narendrapur
Fusion The Rivulet project at Noida
Ganguly 4Sight Desire project is coming up at Garia
Ganguly 4Sight Eminence project is coming up at Garia
Godrej Tropical Isle project is coming up at Sector 146 Noida
Honer Signatis project is coming up at Hyderabad
Lodha Panache is coming up at Hinjewadi
Marbella Royce in Sector 83A near IT City in Mohali
Nyati Elite is coming up at Undri
Prestige Park Grove project is coming up in Bengaluru
Prudent Pragati project is coming up at Narendrapur
Rahul Downtown project is coming up at Tathawade
Rohan Nidita is coming up at Hinjewadi
Sarang by Sumadhura Phase 1 project is coming up at Whitefield
Symphony Proxima project is coming up at Kamalgazi
Tall residential complex in Hyderabad
Unique Que 914 project is coming up at Mundhwa
Renewable Energy
Renewable energy facility in Banaskantha
Roads and Highways
4 lane Elevated Corridor in Grand Southern Trunk Road
Construction of Bhimber Gali tunnel under 31 TF on Akhnoor Poonch road
Construction of HL Major Bridge across Dahuka River
Four laning Greenfield corridor from Suara to Garhani
Four-lane with paved shoulder of Darbhanga – Banwari Patti
High-altitude hill road for ITBP in Kinnaur district
Improvement of road from P.P.Academy Chowk
Upgradation of Newly Declared NH Nandyala – Kadapa/Kurnool Border
Upgradation to 2-Lane configuration of Bageshwar to Kangarchina Road
Widening to 2 lane with paved shoulder of Jareikela Jharkhand/Odisha Border
Robotic and Automation
Robotic and Automation Solutions and products manufacturing at Satara
Sewage Treatment
10 KLD sewage treatment plant at Hazira Bottling Plant
10 KLD Sewage Treatment Plant at Indane Bottling Plant
25 KLD Sewage Treatment Plant at Bhuj Airport
Effluent Treatment Plant in Central Hospital NCR, Prayagraj
STP+ETP at Divisional Railway Hospital Raipur
Sewerage System
Improvement of sewerage system by desilting of sewer lines
126 KWh Grid Interactive Solar Photovoltaic plant at Bhubaneswar
200 MW solar project to be setup in Punjab for PSPCL
390KWp Roof Top solar power plant over Ajmer group of workshop
75 MW solar energy plant at Raipur
AmpIn Energy to setup 2.8 MWp of solar energy to JCAPCPL’s Jamshedpur
Grid connected Solar Power Plants in various sub-divisions of Pali circle
Ground mounted solar power plant at Jasidih Terminal
Ground-mounted solar power projects with a total capacity of 114 MW across three districts in Madhya Pradesh,
Installation of Solar Simulator at Warangal
Rooftop solar PV project of 5.74 MWp in Resco model
Three grid-connected solar power projects in Punjab under PM-Kusum
Sports Infrastructure
International Level Sports Complex (Phase 1B) at Nathu Barkheda
Open Stadium at Amingaon Sports Complex
Steel Girder
24 meter span Steel Girder Bridge at 5KM Purukul village
24 meter span Steel Girder Bridge at 9 KM Purukul village
Steel girder of span of 3 x 6.10m in Villupuram
Steel Girder RCC deck composite Bridge over Kalsiya river
Establishment of Distillery of 300 KLPD capacity at Vijayapura
Expansion of Sugar cane crushing capacity at Belagal village
Sugar manufacturing at Solapur
Cotton Yarn manufacturing at Tiripur
Manufacturing of Cotton Bales at Burhanpur
Manufacturing of synthetic or artificial filament yarn at Kota
Manufacturing of textile garments and clothing accessories at Krishnagiri
Terry Towel manufacturing at Dhule
Construction of EVM warehouse at Rohtak
Procurement Centre/Yarn Depot-cum-Warehouse at Dhatrigram
Procurement Centre/Yarn Depot-cum-Warehouse at New Digha
TNMSC District Drug warehouse at Mayiladuthurai
Waste Management
Proposed secured landfill facility for hazardous waste at Jitali village
Water / Waste Treatment
Bio-medical waste treatment facility at Vapi
Common Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage and Disposal Facility at Kesda
Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plant at Palaj
Renovation of Ongoing Water Treatment Plant for Kandi Municipality
Treatment Storage Disposal Facility at Bawana village
Water Sector
20km water pipeline alongside the Dwarka Expressway
Wind Power
Establishment of a 31.5 MW wind energy facility intended for Integrum Energy Infrastructure

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