Sewage Treatment plant

Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd has invited bids towards the (i) design and build sewage treatment plant of installed capacity 22 mld and all appurtenant structures and allied works (for remaining work of asp technology); (ii) survey, review the designs, redesign where necessary, and build new underground sewerage network of about 138.9 km length including survey, design, construction of 4 no. intermediate pumping stations and all appurtenant structures and allied works; and (iii) operation & maintenance of the complete works of sewage treatment plant, sewerage network and pumping stations for a period of 15 years in Hajipur, state of Bihar. The bid submission deadline is 29/09/2020. The completion is targeted in 24 months.

*Image is used for illustration only. Image attribution: John Rostron / Benfleet Sewage Treatment Plant: Primary Settling Tanks