Wind Energy

Inox Wind, India’s leading wind energy solutions provider, has signed a Term Sheet with Continuum Power Trading (TN) Private Limited, part of Continuum Wind Energy group, to supply, erect and commission 250 MW of wind power projects (in two phases of 126 MW and 124 MW) comprising of a mix of 2 MW (113 metre rotor diameter turbine combined with 92 metre hub height) and 3 MW (145 metre rotor diameter turbine combined with 120 metre hub height) turbines. The first phase of 126 MW of the project is scheduled to be commissioned by Q3 of FY 2021 at Dayapar, District Bhuj in the State of Gujarat and will be executed on a turnkey project basis.

Location: Bhuj District Gujarat

Estimated Value (Rs. Cr): NA

Sector: Wind Energy

Project Stage: Contract Award

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